Brainstorm session project: VerpleegThuis

Background information:
On the 18th of January, a brainstorm session was conducted for the project: VerpleegThuis. VerpleegThuis is a program started by the organisation Welthuis that helps the elderly that live at home yet do have nursing home needs. They wash, feed and help the elderly while also doing housework. VerpleegThuis does this with the help of professional as well as voluntary caregivers.

During this project, different students (Institutions: Health, Smart Technology and Application makers) from the ID College will help VerpleegThuis by finding solutions for; the client with a nursing home indication, the professional caregivers and the voluntary caregivers.

VerpleegThuis wants the students to help them have better communication and coordination between the client, nurse / caregiver and volunteer caregiver. To translate this challenge to a school assignment, a brainstorm session was held.

Preparing the brainstorm session

Goal: To formulate a ‘starting point’ for the school assignment with approval of VerpleegThuis.

During the preparation of the brainstorm session, a couple of things were discussed:
– There will be around 20 students, teachers and supervisors from each institute; health, ict, smart tech (3 groups).
– VerpleegThuis will be present and focus on their wants and needs when formulating the school assignment.
> First an ideation process in 10 minutes (pressure cooker)
> Secondly,  they will label the most important/relevant ideas and divide them in a top 3 stating what and why.
> Then, they will showcase their findings, explaining why they chose their top three and what they think should be implemented in the school assignment.
> During these presentations, keywords and conclusions will be written down. 
Finally, we will discuss the keywords and conclusions of each group with everyone and VerpleegThuis gets to respond. This will lead to certain boundaries for the school assignment. The teachers and supervisors can later further discuss if the formulated starting point is compatible with the student’s level and feasibility. 


Let’s brainstorm!

Below you can view photo impressions during the day:


Findings and starting point

After the brainstorm session was held, we discovered the need for a smart home & smart assistant that can guide and help the client as well as communicate with the caregiver or nurse and update the voluntary caregiver.
However, this is just a starting point. During the scrum session next week, the students and teachers will define the assignment and decide over the first few sprints.

The following brainstorm-findings document was made. (It is mostly written in Dutch).



A week later, the scrum session was held and different sprints were formulated as well as a general idea of the final assignment.

During the scrum session, three different sprints were formulated and also put in a Trello workboard. Everyone involved with the project has access and teachers are moderators of the workboard.


Suzanne van Rossen • January 18, 2017

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