Kick-off project: Natuur educatiecentrum Zwijndrecht

On the 30th of January, the kick-off of the ‘Natuur educatiecentrum Zwijndrecht’ project took place. (Like several of the other ID college projects, the project started in February).¬† ‘Natuur educatiecentrum Zwijndrecht’ is a project where a building will be designed, constructed and completely build with the most sustainable materials, the newest technologies and over all…

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Kick-off project: IoT lab (Stichting Piezo)

¬†Background information: Stichting Piezo is a welfare / social organisation that helps people to discover or develop their talents and skills. They have a lot of different projects for different age groups including one for the elderly. They discovered that the current alarming system of the elderly in the Netherlands (wearing a necklace with an…

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Kick-off and brainstorm session project: Stevige stad op slappe bodem

At the beginning of February different projects had their Kick-off. ‘Stevige stad op slappe bodem’ in short: Slappe Bodem (English: solid city on weak soil) is one of them. Slappe Bodem is a project to help grasp the fluctuations of ground water in Gouda. Gouda is a city in the Netherlands and is in one…

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