Kick-off project: Natuur educatiecentrum Zwijndrecht

On the 30th of January, the kick-off of the ‘Natuur educatiecentrum Zwijndrecht’ project took place.
(Like several of the other ID college projects, the project started in February). 

‘Natuur educatiecentrum Zwijndrecht’ is a project where a building will be designed, constructed and completely build with the most sustainable materials, the newest technologies and over all the best ecological and environmental options. What makes this project even more interesting is that it is going to be build by a multidisciplinair team of students.

ID college students of the institutions Engineering and Smart technology will join this team where they work together with project owner: SUS ateliers, different field experts and two graduation students of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

During the kick-off,  the project owner, originator and client SUS ateliers shared the projects they had done and also showed the opportunities and different assignments and challenges for the students.

Afterwards the students visited the latest project of SUS ateliers: CHIBB (concept sustainable house) which was also made by students.


Suzanne van Rossen • February 15, 2017

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