Hello and welcome to the second site where the co-creation lab is continuing in this new schoolyear. ID co-creation lab is formed between the Patching Zone and the ID college (community college) This year, different projects will be conducted as well as different teachers, students and also new Patching Zone young professionals.

Patching Zone team:

Suzanne van Rossen
I am the new addition to the Patching Zone and I will be the first young professional continuing the ID co-creation lab. I have studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and during the last year I started focussing on social problems combined with the newest technology. An example: during my minor (Urban Interaction Design), I worked in a multidisciplinair team to find an IoT solution for the lonely elderly in the South of Rotterdam. In the end my team and I came up with three concepts including a smart walker that guided through GPS and vibrations in the handles of the walker.

Dr. Anne Nigten
Dr. Anne Nigten (NL) is is the initiator and director of The Patching Zone, a transdiscplinary media laboratory for innovation in Rotterdam (NL). Dr. Nigten is professor Smart & Inclusive Society in the research center Creating 010, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Prior to her current position, she was professor at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, director of V2_Lab, the aRt&D department of V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam and project manager at the Utrecht School of the Arts, at the department of Art, Media & Technology in Hilversum and chair of the Dutch Media Art Association, in the Netherlands.
She is lecturing on research and development in the interdisciplinary field from a creative perspective. She is adviser for several cultural organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

Anne Nigten completed her PhD at Smartlab, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UK), and frequently publishes papers on (social) innovation as the outcome from collaboration between the creative sector, engineering- and science field.
Dr. Nigten participated as a creative researcher, project-coordinator and innovator in many research projects such as:
·     Learning communities with unusual alliances (research into 21st century skills for hybrid learning in vocational education) (NWO, KIEM 2017 on-going)
·     Crisp / i-PE project, Intelligent Play Environments is about the development of an ‘inspirational test bed’ to develop fundamental knowledge, insights and guidelines for the design of intelligent, playful environments. (NWO, 2013-2015)
·     Livetransmission, creative research on live and interactive video with Blast Theory (UK), Translocal (FI), OCAD University (CA) and The Patching Zone (NL) as project coordinator.   (Creative Europe program 2013-15)
·     Creative City Challenge reloaded: CREALAB a European innovation project supported by the European Regional Development Programme. (Interreg 2013-15)
·     DIVO: Digital Voices, is a digital technology platform for youngsters with key activities 1) Exploring 2) Learning and Exchanging 3) Making and Doing 4) Presenting, with Blast Theory (UK), The Patchingzone (NL) and Translocal (FI).  (EU Culture program 2012-2013)
·     MultimediaN, multimedia solutions for the digital world of today and tomorrow. (NWO, N9C Eculture project 2005-2009)
·     Cultuur Lokaal, Waterwolf lab Gouda, a lab for local meaning, researching the future development of cultural heritage in the digital age. (RAAK-Publiek, 2007)