Kick-off and brainstorm session project: Stevige stad op slappe bodem

At the beginning of February different projects had their Kick-off. ‘Stevige stad op slappe bodem’ in short: Slappe Bodem (English: solid city on weak soil) is one of them. Slappe Bodem is a project to help grasp the fluctuations of ground water in Gouda. Gouda is a city in the Netherlands and is in one…

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Brainstorm session project: VerpleegThuis

Background information: On the 18th of January, a brainstorm session was conducted for the project: VerpleegThuis. VerpleegThuis is a program started by the organisation Welthuis that helps the elderly that live at home yet do have nursing home needs. They wash, feed and help the elderly while also doing housework. VerpleegThuis does this with the…

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